Please contact me to see additional case studies around my client work and front-end web development.


Usability Test on AltSchool's Application Process

A usability test on AltSchool's application form which identifies issues and suggests corresponding design changes.

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King Kog Bicycles Rebranding and Visual Design Experiment

Re-designed King Kog's website with a focus on the Visual Design elements.

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Design Lab User Research Study

Researched why student's were completing the Designlab UX Academy course at a sub-optimal pace and provided recommendations.

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Design Exploration Into a Daily Journal App

A mock app design writeup which captures the research, testing, prototyping, feature prioritization, and high level design for a daily journal app.

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Improving App Installs for a Payments Startup

A case study documenting the process of rapid usability testing various informational pages with the goal of increasing app downloads for, "Checkouts", a payments startup.

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Two Day Prototyping Sprint for a Lottery App Concept

I can hack together a prototype and bring designs to life using JS/CSS/HTML (web) or Swift (iOS). I may not know how to do something right away, but you can bet I'll have a good time diving into Stack Overflow until I figure it out. If there is a need to test something faster, I'm also comfortable using paper prototypes, InVision, and Axure. 

This case study documents a two day prototyping sprint I worked on independently for a lottery app concept in iOS Swift.

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